Un kangourou incongru (de Liz Racz) & Bascule de lumière (de Christophe Cardoen), May 2013, Grenoble, France

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Deux installations pour une pièce: créée pour le 30 ans, 30 jours du 102, rue d’Alembert, Grenoble, mai 2013.

Two installations as one piece, created for the 30 years, 30 days of le 102 rue d’Alembert, Grenoble, May 2013.

Liz Racz

Un kangourou incongru:

papier, micros, haut-parleurs, amplificateurs

Christophe Cardoen

Bascule de lumière:

lumières, dispositifs électro-mécaniques

Audio recording of the sounds of Un kangourou incongru are generated by feedback: the  speakers are touching the paper, the contact microphones pick up the sounds and send them back to the speakers, a feedback loop is created and changes continuously. You can also hear the amplified scratching and rubbing of the microphones against the paper.

The shape of the paper labyrinth is based on form of the three vaginas of the kangaroo.