Praxinoscopicnic, november 2014

Here are some photos of Praxinoscopicnic. It is about one metre in diameter, and one metre high. The video was shot in my studio: it’s really to show the moment when it becomes animated, about 50 seconds in. The camera doesn’t like the stroboscopic light, so of course it’s best to experience it live – like all my installations.

Liz_Praxinoscopicnic1 Liz_praxinoscopicnic2 Liz_Praxinoscopicnic3 Liz_Praxinoscopicnic4 Liz_Praxinoscopicnic5 Liz_Praxinoscopicnic7The Praxinoscopicnic was shown in May 2014 at le 102, rue d’Alembert, Grenoble, during Stellaire Amas.