Installation – Le reliquaire du feedback/ The reliquary of feedback, Nantes, février 2011

Le reliquaire du feedback, une installation créée pour le Festival CABLE#4, Nantes du 17 février au 19 février, 2011.

The reliquary of feedback, an installation created for the CABLE# Festival, Nantes, February 17-19, 2011.

Feedback of Reliquary of Feedback/ Le larsen du reliquaire du feedback : This is a sample of the sounds of the feedback of the reliquary itself, as it is opened for a couple of minutes…to see the relics of feedback inside…to hear the sound change as you touch it.

Feedback of Reliquary of Feedback/Le larsen du reliquaire du feedback: This is another sample of the sounds of the reliquary, as it changes constantly and unpredictably.

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